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best handheld hunting gps reviews

Obviously, there are many different types of GPS devices in the market. But if you are specifically interested in the best handheld hunting GPS comparison, this buyer guide has affordable good options to choose from.

When you are deeply engrossed in your outdoor game, getting lost seems to be a constant experience. And that often leads to questions like: where the fuck am I?

In that moment and around thick forests, finding your way around could be really hard.

At some points, you could find yourself round tripping within the same area without knowing it. And that’s where the best handheld GPS under $200 come into play. Perhaps, you don’t want to spend too much on a piece of gadget meant for outdoor leisure.

GPS provides useful information regarding where you came from, where you are and how the world relates to these two geographic points.

Just imagine dragging a deer in the dark while trying to spot where your car was parked.

Uses Of Hunting GPS

Depending on the level of your experience, huntingGPS can be very useful in many different ways. This also implies that different hunters of all levels find varying and favourites uses of the best handheld hunting GPS under $200. That aside let’s look at some of the common practical use cases below.

  1. Scouting

When you are out scouting in the wild, identification of the places you have been to can feel really hard. And in some cases, this reduces your chances of a successful hunt. For some reason, when you have the need to return to a certain spot a huntingGPS com device will help you waypoint that spot before you start walking. As you are wandering around, you can type some unique points that identify the waypoints better. This is far better than relying on your memory.

  1. Loss Prevention

The feeling of being lost is undesirable for many hunters. And I am very sure you don’t want to experience that at all. While traffic noise from nearby highways, train stations or airports can provide clues, they are often not available in distant forest zones. In areas like that these, an affordable hunting GPS will provide useful insight regarding where you came from, how far you have wandered and how far it will take to get home. Without a GPS, wandering in the wild like this will certainly be more painful and risky.

  1. Hanging Stands

Among many other things, the best handheld hunting GPS helps to waypoint trees that are suitable for stands. With the details recorded in your devices, returning to your stand both in daylight and darkness becomes very much easier. Once again, compare this with 100% reliance on your memory. Moreover, you can even remove the stands without losing track of their exact locations.

Beside the ones mentioned here, there are many other uses of best hunting GPS. Probably, you already have your preferred use cases in mind before doing a research to find affordable handheld hunting GPS devices online.

Best Handheld Hunting GPS Comparison 2019

Below the remaining part of this hunting GPS buying guide, we’ll look at the best options currently selling under $200 in 2019. In addition to budget consideration, this guide will help you understand what makes one model or brand different from the other. Regarding your purchase option, be informed that these are the top rated hunting GPS on Amazon.

Garmin Foretrex 401

garmin foretrex 401 review

Impressively, Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS provides great features that represent that distinction that that Garmin is generally known for. Among many other features, this device is known to have highly sensitive receiver. And that makes it possible to get timely signals when you are deeply engaged in your game.

Having the HotFix technology mean that heavy tree cover or canyon cannot interrupt signals.

One of the things that set this model apart from a lot of other units on the market is that it can keep track of your heart rate and pulse while also tracking the pathways and routes that you’re taking.

This is of particular value to those who have heart conditions that should be monitored constantly.  Two standard AAA batteries power this unit, and it can keep going for 16 hours on one full charge. That’s absolutely amazing for such a feature-rich gadget!

Another feature of the Garmin Foretrex GPS is the TracBack which lets users retrace their path on the screen.  This unit also boasts dual position readout allowing you to see your current location in several different formats.

Through Garmin Connect and Google Earth, you’ll be able to view your activities on a map.

The weight of this Garmin Foretrex 401 is about 3.1 OZ with the battery included. Physical dimension is 2.9 x 1.7 x 0.9 while display resolution stands at 100 x 65.

According to past users found through our research, the only downside is the strap seems to be a little bit flimsy.

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Garmin Etrex 10 – Best Cheap Hunting GPS

Garmin Etrex 10 – Best Cheap Hunting GPS

If you ever did an intentional search for cheap hunting GPS before arriving on this page, here an interesting options you to check out. Garmin Etrex 10 has all the features you are likely to have in mind. And you don’t have to spend an arm as this is one of the best Garmin GPS for hunters under $100. Follow the appropriate link below to check it out on Amazon.

In addition to being rugged and durable, this comes with strong 2.2 inch monochrome screen display.

For fast and clear positioning, this device supports GLONASS and HotFix technologies. This makes provision for highly sensitive receiver.

The two AA batteries that come with this device provide full power for up to 20 hours. With Garmin spine mounting accessories, you’ll also get support for paperless geocaching. In the case that you have to walk on the rain, this device is known to be practically waterproof.

For many people, the absence of messaging facility turns them off.

Especially from Amazon, you can find Garmin Etrex 10 GPS mostly in yellow and black colors.

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Garmin Oregon 600 GPS

Garmin Oregon 600 GPS

This one is an advanced hunting GPS. And for that reason it is a bit more expensive than other models both from Garmin and their competitors. In line with this, the Garmin Oregon 600 comes with even more features. When you buy Oregon 600, you get one touch waypoint marking.

The detailed options for such marking made this device outstanding. Moreover, during and after your activities you can easily share your waypoints, routes, tracks and geocaches with other compatible wireless devices.

Unlike what is obtainable from other hunting GPS devices, this can be operated comfortably with glove.

So you don’t have to be taking gloves off and on when you want to operate your handheld GPS. For a comfortable view of the screen display, you’ll get auto switch landscape and portrait view. This makes it possible to view all displayed information completely without distortion.

In comparison to what you could find in other hunting GPS reviews, Garmin Oregon 600 comes with 1.7 GB history storage capacity and 16 hours battery life.

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Garmin Etrex 30 Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin Etrex 30 Handheld GPS Navigator

For some people, monochrome screen display is not an option at all. And because we live in modern age of advanced technologies, experienced hunters often have a preference for hunting GPS with color screen display. In recognition of this fact, Garmin brought this one to market.

Practically, having your information displayed in full color makes easy and timely reading stress free. Regardless of hunting schedules, getting to any waypoint of choice both in daylight and nigh hours takes less time and energy.

First you get preloaded worldwide basemap in 2.2 inch color screen display. And this is also confirmed to be sunlight readable.

To keep an eye on changing weather condition, you can use Etrex 30 GPS to plot barometric pressure over time. Depending on your preferences, this tool can be mounted on boasts, bicycles and cars as well. In relation to that, this device has City Navigation NT capabilities.

If you are ready to buy hunting GPS on Amazon, you can follow the link below to go get it. As at the time of this writing it is still one of the best handheld hunting GPS selling slightly under $300.

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Garmin Montana 680t

Garmin Montana 680t

With Garmin Montana 680t, exploring a strange land and finding your way back doesn’t have to be really scary again. Like other competing models in its category, you can easily plot your waypoint before taking off. And that will give you useful clues on how to find your way back.

The Garmin Montana 680T has a more contemporary display. It comes with a 4” dual orientation touch-screen as well as an 8-megapixel camera with autofocus.

The camera takes high-quality images with great resolution and automatically geotags all photos taken with coordinates. Now that’s putting technology to good use. I know a lot of nature lovers will absolutely love this feature.  This GPS device is durable and built to outlast any storm you may encounter on your hunting trip.

No matter the climate – hot, cold, rain, mud or snow – this unit will perform exceptionally through it all.

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As you can see from the best handheld hunting GPS comparison, Garmin is the clear leader. Among other things, the popularity, sales data and reviews from past buyers provides clue to this.

And the interesting thing is that there are optional price points among these hunting GPS reviews. So you are definitely going to find one or two that suits your budget. Perhaps, if you want to buy handheld hunting GPS online, you can follow the links above to order one from Amazon.

Within the US, you’ll probably have it shipped to you within 48 hours or less.

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