Best Camp Chef PG24DLX Pellet Grill Review 2020

Camp Chef PG24DLX Pellet Grill

Camp Chef PG24DLX Review

For new and old users alike, finding the best camping grill under $500 sometimes result in failed attempt. Probably, you’ve checked in your local retailer. Having settled for a particular brand, this Camp Chef PG24DLX review aims to make your purchase decision easier.

Beyond price considerations, reading this camping grill buyer guide will highlight the most important features that matter to you.

In order words, we’ll help you with answers to those questions you have in mind before clicking the buy now button.

Whether you want to use it outdoor or just around your home Camp Chef PG24DLX pellet grill is one of those versatile models that will deliver on every use case you may think about. And the current price of this Camp Chef grill on Amazon makes it one of the best affordable options.

When you think of best pellet grills and smokers comparison, other competing models like Z Grills wood pellet grill and Traeger TFB30TOD comes at a price above $600.

Best Pellet Grill Buying Guide 2020: Key Considerations                                               

Before we down to the full Camp Chef PG24DLX review, there are some key consideration you need to understand. And it matters even more if this is your first time. So that in the case that you are to do further camping grill comparison, you’ll know what to look out for at the very point purchase.

Probably, if you are that old and experienced user, you can skip this part entirely. However, take note of the fact that these factors are beyond Camp Chef grill price consideration.

Pellet Grill Combustion System – How does pellet grill work? Basically, there are two parts to the combustion system, the fire pot, and the igniter. And that’s where everything starts. The fire pot is nothing but thick steel can with some holes punched in it for ventilation. The igniter rod works much like the cigarette lighter in a car.

The tip glows red hot during the initial startup, and once the controller senses the heat in the grill, the igniter shuts off. In this case, the best is to look for metal or stainless fire pots.

And because igniter can burn out over time, try to find out information about availability and convenient replacement.

Grill Construction Material – Interestingly, the use stainless material in construction of major parts reduces the chance or corrosion. And that means you’ll have a long lasting grill that provides satisfactory value for the money. Look for internal parts like the grill grates and fire pot made with stainless steel for the longest life. Porcelain coated iron grates are the next best choice.

Pellet Grill With Digital Controller – Yes, everything doesn’t have to be operated manually in this age of digital technology advancement. In other words, pellet grills with digital controller is usually better even they are more expensive too. This feature gives users increased control over the variables in the grill while smoking. And some of them have up to three probes that help you to monitor meat temperature in order to have it ready while preserving the flavor you want.

Camp Chef PG24DLX Review Features And Specifications

Below here is a highlight of the core features in this Camp Chef PG24DLX review. Read through carefully as this will you make further comparison. At the end, increased understanding of these factors will also enable you to take into account the specific features that matters most to you into account. Perhaps, you don’t want to forget about this at the very point of purchase.

Durable Meat Probe

Through our research for this Camp Chef PG24DLX review guide, durable meat probe is one of the most important features past users care about. And it is very much understandable.

People care more about the final food or mean output more than the process that produced it.

Without proper monitoring, it is practically hard to tell the accurate temperature of your meat. Perhaps, doing it manually has to be 100% guesswork. So for this reason, this Camp Chef smoker comes with durable meat probe and digital LED output monitor.

With these features getting good tasty meat out of the whole process is usually stress free. At the end, it enhances food quality.

High Capacity Pellet Hopper

When it comes to the size of pellet hopper, pellet grills and smokers differs a lot. As a matter of fact, this is one of the few core features you should take into account when intending to buy camping grill online or offline. Obviously, nobody would want to spend time refilling the hopper multiples times in a single smoking session.

In practical settings, this high capacity pellet hopper can accommodate enough pellets for long hour cooking sessions. Based on this fact, it really saves time.

Digital Control System

With the digital control system built into this product you can take of smoking temperature and heat while smoking. Depending on the type of meat you want to prepare, you can use this feature to set the optimum temperature that will give produce the best output. After setting it up, this control system will take over the entire cooking process while you are busy doing other things.

In addition to this, it has a dual LED temperature readout that helps with accurate monitoring of the smoking process. Interestingly, this can be found in other models from the same brand.

Good examples are Camp Chef Woodwind SG 24 and Camp Chef SmokePro DLX PG 24 pellet grills.

Box Lid Thermometer

Another thing that you should observe in this Camp Chef PG24DXL review is the presence of box lid thermometer. Inside the cooking chamber, there is always the need for accurate monitoring of temperature and other things. While the meat probe monitors inside of the meat, the lid thermometer monitors the cooking temperature and heat level.

So with the information provided in the read out, you can always adjust accordingly in to get the best output from the grilling process.

This thermometer is right in front of the pellet grill.

Removable Ash Cup

During the smoking process ash is bound to be produced. Taking this into account, Camp Chef made provision for an ash cup. This cup makes cleaning to be very easy. Based on this size of this cup, it takes multiple smoking sessions before the cup gets filled up. Obviously, this is not a kind of weighty material that will require high energy exertion before you can deal with it.

With regard to cleaning there is also a space made for bucket that collects accumulated grease and oil. This ensures proper neatness of the space where it is being used.

Please note that iron bucket is best suited for this purpose. Moreover, consider if th Camp Chef PG24DXL grill you want to buy has this bucket or you have to buy separately. Understanding this before or during purchase is very much important.

In the case that it doesn’t come with a bucket, you can as well consider using the one you have already.

Camp Chef PG24 DLX Accessories Box

Regardless of where you choose to use this product, there is always the need to take some accessories with you. One obvious fact is that the pellet grill alone cannot do the job.

And that is why the manufacturer made provision for this carrying box.

Camp chef accessories box can be bought separately or as a bundle with the main grill itself. This box can be used to move your thermometer, forks, brush, screws etc. And as I have observed these things are not too heavy to carry around. And when your food is done, you can as well wrap them and make space within the box.

The dimension is about 14 in. x 16 in x 11.5 inches. On its own the weight of this box stands at 23 lbs.

Camp Chef PG24DXL Review Alternatives

Pellet Grill Buying Guide: The Common Questions

How long does a pellet grill take to heat up? – Generally it takes 5 – 10 minutes after you flip on the switch. The range depends on the model you buy.

Do pellet grills require electricity? – Yes, most the best pellet grills make use of electricity. You’ll need 110v outlet to power up the digital control system, auger and fan.

Are gas grills healthier than charcoal? – Charcoal produces more smoke than gas. And that smoke often coats the meat. And according to scientific research, the content of such smoke that joins with fat from heated meat is not so good for your health.

What is the best pellet grill for the money? – Consider the Camp Chef PG24DLX review alternatives above as well as the full Camp Chef grill review above.


Beside the Camp Chef PG24DLX review above, there are many other affordable models from the same brand. And then there are many more pellet grills on Amazon. You can follow one or more of the links above to order what you want. Probably at this point, you don’t have to do further research to discover the best pellet gill under $500 in 2019.

Go check it out now. And don’t forget to test the one you buy before the return duration elapse.

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